The Secret at Willow Wale

Chapter One

The Call 

“Here I go, piccolo!” said Detective Reed’s green-faced house key, Glissando, as he gracefully glided across the shiny glass floor that Detective Reed had built for him. Detective Reed stood at the skating room door, watching Glissando as blue sapphire and diamond gems on his key’s skating boots cast a rainbow of colors across the walls.
Reed had been investigating a case on Octet island when he’d wandered into a gift shop and was nearly blinded by the lights that sparkled all over the room. The moment he’d seen those dazzling magic boots, he knew he had to buy them for his key. Not only were they excellent skates, but they could transport Glissando anywhere he wanted to go in a matter of minutes.

newest boots

“YIPPEE!” Glissando shouted as he coasted to the opposite wall of his skating room and pushed against it. Glissando’s boots sparkled as he did a spin and  rocketed back across the room with his arms held gracefully in the air. He looked like an ice skater performing for the Winter Olympics. But, of course, those skaters don’t have magic boots and they don’t yell things like,




Detective Reed smiled and waved at his joyful key, when suddenly the phone rang.


The detective, still smiling, picked up the phone receiver next to the skating room door.

“This is Detective Reed, can I help you?” he said. On the other end of the phone was a voice, edgy with excitement.

“There once was a song for a horn,

Whose composer became quite forlorn,

When five notes disappeared,

And it’s just as I feared,

They took off,

Now the song won’t be born!

Can you help us, Detective Reed?”

“Where are you?” the detective asked, no longer smiling.

The voice on the phone hummed the melody of the music it was in. By following this melody, the detective would know exactly where to find the caller.

When the humming ended, Reed hung up the phone, grabbed his notebook and pencil, then peeked at Glissando who was still skating and laughing in fits of delight.

“I have a new case! Gotta go, amigo! ” Reed said, and he waved goodbye to his key.

“See ya soon, tablespoon!” Glissando said as he slid across the floor.


out in

Detective Reed took a few steps back into his living room and said the magic words, “OOM PAH PAH.” Instantly, red lines appeared in the air, which turned into an open red door. This was the portal that would take him out of Sound City and into the human world, directly into the music he had heard on the phone.

Reed walked through the portal and landed on a light brown, maplewood table with pencils and black marking pens scattered all over. A trumpet was laying  next to a page of music that was covered with eraser-mark smudges. Slivers of pink eraser were sprinkled everywhere.


work tablejpg

“Detective Reed, here. Who called me?” Reed asked.

“It was me, Vivace!” said an excited young eighth note. He was bouncing on the page of music like a rubber ball.

“I’m over here!”


store 1