The Case of the Flying Note Book sample


In this story you will travel between two worlds: Sound City, the land where musical notes, rests and symbols of all kinds, live, and our world where humans like us write the music. We can’t see Sound City or any of the musical characters who live there, but these characters can travel between worlds through an invisible red door that appears when a character uses the phrase, “OOM PAH PAH.”

Detective Reed who is the main character in this story, is quite busy solving mysteries even though he is a HALF REST, which means he needs a lot of rest.  Musically speaking, a HALF REST is silent for two beats of music which in the musical world is a long time.

Notice that a half rest looks like the hat that Detective Reed wears.

half rest

You will meet  other  rests  who  have flags on them like this one below. They represent very short moments of silence in music.

eighth rest

Quarter notes like this one are common in the musical world. You will see  a lot of them in this story. Quarter notes are equal to one beat of  sound.

quarter note

Soon you will meet Glissando, Detective Reed’s house KEY.  


Chapter One
note decor 2
A Call for Help 

Detective Reed and Glissando, his house key, were fast asleep when the call came in.


They woke up in a flash. Glissando picked up the phone receiver, slid across the room and put the receiver into the detective’s hand.

“Here’s the phone, microtone,” he said.

0. sliding Gliss

Reed threw on his white shirt and pink and grey-striped slacks. He slipped a black suspender over one shoulder, and then he put the phone receiver to his ear. A high-pitched voice sang out:

“There once was a note that was new,
But he left and away he flew.
Without saying goodbye,
If we only knew why,
But you see, we haven’t a clue!”

Detective Reed felt sleepy, as half rests often do, but he had trained himself to become instantly alert for calls such as this.

“This is Detective Reed. How can I help you?”he said, his voice firm.
1 Reed answers

“The note next to me took off and I can’t find him anywhere! Can you please help, Detective Reed?”

The caller sounded young and desperate. “Must be a newly written note,” he thought to himself.


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