Go to Camp Cactus for creative Christmas gifts

Artist Jane Russell hosts a Christmas shop every year where artists sell creative gifts.  My books will be there this year.

Camp Cactus in Northeast Portland
OPEN: Friday, December 2nd 6-9 pm
Saturday & Sunday, December 3rd & 4th
10 am – 6 pm


Alice Cotton’s books have been embraced by grandparents at the Senior Studies Institute (Portland Community College) in Oregon. It is a challenge for grandparents to find gifts for their grandchildren and Musical Tales and The Case of the Flying Note have become popular in this quest.

Wonderful Event with OMTA

President, Sherry Todd, led a fantastic meeting with a powerpoint presentation on composer, Amy Beach.  Amy was an incredible American composer that we should all know about. Look her up, listen to her fascinating music. She was amazing!
Then, my teaching friend and co collaborator, Mary Kogen, came to help share our books and posters with OMTA members.  Such fun! I truly hope I will see these people again.  It was a wonderful day.  Thanks to everyone who was there!!!

OMTA conference start

 9/9/2016 Book Event at OMTA

The Oregon Music Teacher’s Association has invited Alice Cotton to be a guest for the upcoming meeting led by OMTA president, Sherry Todd.  Also attending: Mary Kogen, teacher extraordinaire and co-author with Alice for the books Wrong Notes and Leaps of Imagination. This is a worthwhile networking opportunity for Alice and Mary where they will meet other Oregon music teachers.

The answer

When notes are newly written and “young”, they have wings and can fly. As they get older they lose their wings and grow arms and legs. Hence all detectives go to flying school in order to chase and catch young notes that fly out of their music for some reason.

In The Case of the Flying Note, and The Secret at Willow Wail, Detective Reed chases some of these fleeing notes. Quite the adventure!


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