Blue Moon sample page

Chapter One

Celesta now

Who Am I? 

A shrill voice filled the music room. 

“Whose idea was it that I should look like this?”

Celesta, a quarter note in the fifth measure of a newly written musical piece called, Waltzing on the Stars, flapped her chocolate-brown wing feathers against the sides of her round head as she bounced within her music staff. Like all newly written musical characters, she had wings instead of feet and arms. Other notes and rests had wings as pink as a strawberry milkshake, while others had yellow, blue or lime-green wings. One note had wings that were electric purple.  They all turned to look at her.

“And what’s with this pole sticking out of my head? Does anybody know?” she asked, glaring at the notes around her. “Does anybody know why I look like this?”

The quarter note on her right lifted his eyebrows.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I have a pole sticking out of my head too. I don’t know why any of us looks the way we do.”

Celesta glanced around at the other notes before staring at the blue-feathered eighth note to her left.

“Do YOU know why I look this way?” Celesta asked.

clesta in her place