If you are interested!

HERE are some activities for your children to do after or before reading any of these books. Purpose:  to deepen levels of understanding about how to write music.

These activities are for beginning music students and non musicians to help you understand how music works. You will perform simple music rhythms AND learn to write your own rhythmic ideas. These activities are not for those who already know how to count out music rhythms although they are helpful review.


Activity 1 

In this activity readers learn:

1.   the rhythms of quarter notes and half rests
The  story characters for these rhythms are:
…..Ms. Francesca (the quarter note in Musical Tales)
…..Celesta (the quarter note in Adventures on a Blue Moon)
…..Detective Reed (the half rest in the Detective Reed Mysteries)
…..Largo (the half rest in Musical Tales)

2.  what a measure of music is
….The Secret at Willow Wail: a Detective Reed Mystery is about a measure of notes.

Activity 2 

This follows Activity 1
Here readers learn

1.  the rhythm of eighth notes and how they fit into what we have already learned in Activity 1
…..Allegro is an eighth note (Musical Tales)
…..The worker in the Eighth Note Gymnasium is an eighth note (The Secret at Willow Wail).

2.  that three of the notes in the measure that Reed is following are eighth notes (The Secret at Willow Wail).

Activity 3 

This follows Activity 1 and 2 to learn

  1.  the rhythm of dotted quarter notes and  how to add in an instrument or any sound device.
    …..this note is found in the measure of notes that Detective Reed is chasing in The Secret at Willow Wail.

Activity 4 

  1. Half notes and the symbol at end of a musical sentence