My first presentation in the blog world

Meet A.J. Cosmo who also writes for children like I do. He put in an article on his blog about me and my books. How cool to meet a kindred spirit! I just wanted to share it with you.

I started reading his series about a monster who eats all the things we lose.  A fun idea! Now, I am looking for that monster and hoping to find all the things I have lost over time!

Go here:


Author: Alice Cotton Books

Artist, musician, teacher and author of unique children's books that integrate all of the above. Children learn basic musical concepts as they join in the adventures of musical characters like Largo, the half rest who goes on a search for his list key in places like Bomgo Drum Park and Detective Reed who solves the mysteries of where disappearing notes have gone. These books are sold on Amazon, Kindle and in the store at Check out: Musical Tales,The Case of the Flying Note,The Secret at Willow Wail,Adventures on a Blue Moon And more Detective Reed Mysteries are coming.

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